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ILEA offers comprehensive, year-round, local and international educational experiences for event professionals. We are dedicated to continuing the advancement of quality and professionalism while upholding the highest ethical standards within the live event industry. Join us for our upcoming events amongst a community of like-minded individuals who not only excel in delivering exceptional experiences, but also passionately share their expertise through captivating educational programs. Discover innovative techniques, explore cutting-edge technologies, and cultivate your artistic flair in an inspiring environment.

We offer programming locally, regionally and internationally, live in-person and across virtual platforms, and through certified sessions, at our chapter events, conferences, webinars and more.

Our chapter events take place at a different venue each month, as well as cover unique educational content and themes that include access to some of the best event spaces in our city, current trends and topics.

ILEA's Annual International Flagship Conference takes place in the summer. Additionally, we are partnered with some of the largest event industry shows across the globe.

The Esprit Awards are presented by ILEA annually to recognize the most outstanding live events across the industry.

Explore a world of learning and professional development through our engaging webinars. Whether you're eager to stay updated on the latest industry trends or looking to revisit insightful sessions, our Webinar Hub is your go-to destination.

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