Chapter Leadership

Amy VanDuyne
Rid68xbrT.pngImmediate Past President 
Maureen Patterson
Rid68xbrT.pngVice President of Membership 
Wendy Voelker
Rid68xbrT.pngVice President of Communications
Cierra Larson
Rid68xbrT.pngVice President of Programs & Education
Melanie O'Donnell
  Rid68xbrT.pngDirector of Membership
Riki Schmigel
Rid68xbrT.pngDirector of Communications
Leah Addison
Rid68xbrT.pngDirector of Programs & Education
Vicki Hlousek
Rid68xbrT.pngDirector of Special Projects
Deborah French Gorman
Rid68xbrT.pngTeamwork Coordinator
Gail Palmer
Lindsey Saxon